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Learn What You Need - Before You Begin

number one Use Any Internet Browser

Google Chrome works very well with HCLN™ courses. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari also work well. Tablets and mobile devices can also work with HCLN however there may be limitations with certain videos.

number two Check your software

You might also need some free (plugin) software so you can use all the features of the HCLN™ courses. See below:

1. See if you have Adobe Reader.

2. See if you have Adobe Flash Player.

  • Test to see.
    (If you already have Flash you will see red text. Click on the back button to return.)
  • Get Flash Player if you don't have it. (If you need instructions for downloading the player, click here.)

3. You will need Microsoft Word or a similar program (Not Microsoft Works) to type papers. If you don't have it on your computer you can install free software that is very similar to Microsoft Word and is fully compatible with it. Download and install Open Office.

number three Turn on audio

Before you continue, you will need to turn on speakers or put on headphones to hear audio. headphones
You also might need to adjust the volume. Click here for a video on how to adjust the volume.

number four Continue with Getting Started

See How to Log On arrow indicating selection of step 2
(Put on headphones to listen to demonstration. Close window to return. )

number fiveStart your course!

Log On to Your Course

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